2020 Ladies Golf Association Schedule

Wednesday            June             3rd     Gator Golf                                                                           9:00 am
Wednesday            June              10th   Mixer                                                                                    9:00 am
Sunday                     June              14th   The Memorial Member/Member Best Ball          1:30 pm
Wednesday            June              17th    Mixer                                                                                    9:00 am
Wednesday            June              24th   Guest Day                                                                           9:00 am
Monday                   June              29th   Interclub at Binder Park                                              9:00 am

Wednesday            July               1st       Flag Day                                                                              9:00 am
Wednesday            July               8th     Mixer                                                                                    9:00 am
Wednesday            July               15th   Duck Lake Guest Day                                                     9:00 am
Saturday                 July               18th   Member Guest Round 1                                                11:00 am
Sunday                     July               19th   Member Guest Round 2                                               9:00 am
Wednesday            July               22nd Pinehurst                                                                            9:00 am
Friday                       July               24th   Interclub at Riverside                                                   9:00 am
Wednesday            July               29th   Criss Cross                                                                         9:00 am

Wednesday            August          5th     Mixer                                                                                   9:00 am
Wednesday            August          12th   GuestDay                                                                           9:00 am
Wednesday            August          19th   Ringer Board Round 1                                                   9:00 am
Wednesday            August          26th   Ringer Board Round 2                                                  9:00 am

Wednesday            September 2nd    Mutt & Jeff
Wednesday            September 9th     Mixer
Monday                   September 14th   WWMSGA Senior at Muskegon Oakridge
Tuesday                   September 15th   WWMSGA Senior at Muskegon Oakridge
Wednesday            September 16th   Mixer
Sunday                     September 20th   Interclub Pinehurst at Marywood
Wednesday            September 23rd Mixer
Wednesday            September 30th   The other Criss Cross                                                    1:30 pm

Wednesday            October        7th      Season End Mixer
Wednesday            October        13th   Ladies Ryder Cup Day 1
Thursday                 October        14th   Ladies Ryder Cup Day 2